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About Me

Stories are my lens, shaping how I see the world. My journey began as a photographer, capturing the narratives of people, then transitioned to engineering, where I honed my skills in building and delivering impactful experiences. Now, as a curious designer, I leverage this unique blend. I combine clear thinking with a passion for innovation to craft simple yet effective solutions for users. A lifelong learner with a diverse background, I'm always ready to tackle any design challenge that comes my way.

What sets me apart?

I'm a lifelong learner, constantly seeking new knowledge and approaches to push the boundaries of design. My curiosity about users fuels an empathetic mindset, allowing me to understand their needs on a deeper level. This, combined with my innovative problem-solving skills and an exploration-driven approach, means I don't shy away from complex challenges. I see them as opportunities to craft user-centered solutions that are both effective and delightful.

Learning Machine

The design landscape is ever-evolving, and so am I. I devour new knowledge and methodologies, constantly seeking ways to improve my craft. This keeps my solutions fresh, relevant, and at the forefront of user-centered design.

Curious Mind

My curiosity about users is insatiable. I dig deep to understand their needs, motivations, and pain points. This fuels empathy and allows me to see challenges from their perspective, leading to more creative and impactful solutions.

Try Something New

Innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's my way of life. I thrive on pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. By asking "what if?" and embracing new approaches, I create user experiences that are not only effective but truly delightful.


Never satisfied with the status quo, I constantly reflect on my skills. Every project is an opportunity to identify areas for growth. Whether it's through feedback, online courses, or seeking out new challenges, I actively pursue experiences that push me to become a more well-rounded professional.

"Be curious, not judgmental" guides my design journey. From engineering challenges to user empathy in startups, my diverse background fuels a passion for impactful experiences. A lifelong learner, I combine user-centricity with innovative problem-solving. Let's collaborate and transform challenges into solutions.

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