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RuddBuddy was a startup in the travel and tourism space, operating from Hyderabad. Among other things such as general assistance during travel, they scout out experiences that are curated by locals in different cities, and market it to the crowd of inbound tourists.

The CEO's pronouncement, "Even graphic design can be user-centered," became a pivotal moment in my design journey. This seemingly simple statement fundamentally reshaped my perspective. It underscored the importance of prioritizing user needs, elevating graphic design from aesthetics to a discipline focused on impactful user experiences. This core principle continues to guide my design philosophy.

My role at Ruddbuddy

At Ruddbuddy Hyderabad, a travel startup, I helped build a platform for local experiences. I redesigned their website, using mood boards for a fresh aesthetic and innovative concepts. I captured user stories through impactful photography, videography, and editing. Additionally, I designed social media content for curated events. This experience fueled my passion for design's power to drive a company's mission and connect with users.

A5 sized Flyers that were circulated around the city to promote locations and activities featured by the company.

Posters that were designed for their social media platforms.

A series of graphic posts to help tourists and visitors navigate their way through the local lingo.

A Brochure designed to market our activities to the corporate World.

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